Lifting the name of Jesus in all the world.

Kenya & Uganda 232Kisera SlumsEarly Christmas for the orphans in Nairobi, Kenya. They sat quietly and listened intently in their small mud brick classroom. I taught on Joshua and the battle of Jericho of course . We then passed out sacks of toys, candy, toothbrushes and wash cloths.

aafrica susan 420africa susan 382The glory falls as they learn about using banners and flags in worship.

Kampala , Uganda

Experiencing the manifest glory of God is my passion. Jesus is coming back and soon. He’s coming for a glorious church full of passion and fire. He’s searching for people who will carry his presence into all the world.

I’ve been invited to minister in Nairobi and Bungoma, Kenya, Sietta, Uganda and Doha, Qatar. I’ll be traveling with Pastor Tanya Pugh. I’ll be bringing a message of hope and glory as I teach the keys I’ve found to making contact with God through prayer and worship. God is looking for people who are willing to lay their lives on the altar for Him. Just as Moses lifted his rod and built an altar to Jehova Nissi declaring God is my Banner, we’ll be building an altar of worship to Jesus through the flag ministry, dance and prayer opening the heavens above these areas. I’ll be ministering in an orphanage in Bumgoma, also. We’ll be taking food, clothing and toys to minister to these children whose lives have been devastated by AIDS. Going sends a visible message that God loves them and is concerned about them. It’s amazing the effect this has on their lives. Jesus said pure and undefiled religion is to feed the poor. You too can take part in the spread of the gospel. This trip I was asked “are you willing to die for the gospel?” It’s something I think of everywhere I travel but it becomes even more real in these places. This is the first of many trips I believe to the Middle East. We’ll be ministering in an African church in Doha. While it is still illegal to preach to the native Muslims we will be preaching to the Africans living there. Pray that the gospel spreads. I am asking for your prayers as well as finances to go.

Jesus said “go ye into all the world and preach the gospel.”

Blessing, Yours for souls,


April 7-19 Trip cost $3800

Prayer- safety, health, protection from malaria, family back home, to be led by Holy Spirit, receptive hearts to the gospel.

Money to purchase food to feed the orphans a cup of milk and a meat pie and basic clothing needs.

Dr. Jeanne C. Williams,

36000 South 590 Road

Jay, OK 74346


Leaving a trail of fire for his glory!

Experiencing the presence of the Lord.


Unless we are willing to deal with sin in our lives and around us and take a stand for what’s right we lose the presence of God.  Worship becomes just another performance just entertainment.  Church can be a pretty boring place when just people show up.

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 But when the presence of the Lord shows up  lives are changed.  People are healed, delivered, set free and given hope. Here in Uganda that’s exactly what happened during worship.  Sin was dealt with first.  As we worshipped with flags the presence of the Lord rushed in.  Not many of us could even stand up!  Lives were never to be the same.


This was a holy moment as the presence of the Lord filled the room at STL in Oklahoma City.

Where the presence of the Lord is blessings follow.  Just as Obed-edom was blessed we’ll be blessed as we carry the presence of the Lord with us.

2 Samuel, 6:9-10

Blessings!  May your worship be filled with the presence of the Lord!